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Looking to design a new website or redesign an existing one?

Basic website design and development starting at £1,000 with a £250 Start-up Cost. We're here to make the process simple.

Basic Website Designs with Shard&Co. Works in 6 Stages:

  1. Project planning
    Through a conversation by phone or in person, we'll list the requirements for your new website development.
  2. Exploring design
    Together we'll look at artwork across the digital landscape to understand the direction for your website design.
  3. Concept creation
    We then sketch the user interface (UI) combined with the website artwork to produce the initial mockup.
  4. Concept revisions
    If the concept is not to your exact specification we make a series of revisions until the design is perfect.
  5. Website development
    On approval of the final artwork, we put the concept into development and prepare for user testing.
  6. Website Launch
    When full testing and performance metrics have been analysed we launch the website into the world wide web.

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